Terms and Conditions

Dog Walking

  • Dogs will be walked in groups of no more than 6 dogs, though groups are usually kept to a maximum of 4 or 5 dogs if possible

  • We are fully insured for Dog Walking, which includes public liability and loss of house keys

  • Collection time for walks is approximately 10:30am - this may vary between 10-11am

  • Dogs are transported safely in a specially equipped car and given adequate space or separation from other dogs whilst in transit. Dogs will travel in either a rear crate or on the back seats, which have cage guards and a seat extender to cover the footwell

  • Group Walks are 1 hour in duration

  • Walks may be reduced or cancelled in extreme weather conditions, such as extreme heat and you will be informed accordingly. If necessary we will try to arrange home visits in these situations instead

  • Dogs will be exercised off lead where possible with your permission, however, should your dog be showing unreliable or disruptive behaviour they may be put back on lead for their own safety or the wellbeing of other dogs 

  • Dogs will be washed and towel dried after walks to a reasonable standard, however, they may not be as clean as when we collected them. Any dogs that roll in nasty stuff will be washed with water and towel dried but may still need to be bathed properly upon return

  • If a female is in season, they cannot be walked in a group but will be offered a Solo Walk instead

Daycare and Overnight Boarding

  • We have a full Animal Boarding licence issued by North Somerset Council for up to 6 guest dogs

  • Dogs must be fully Vaccinated and regularly treated for Fleas/Worms. If your Dog is found to have fleas during their stay, they must be collected as soon as possible and a £50 fee will be charged for house fumigation

  • Our standard overnight rate applies to a 24 hour period and any collections outside of this period will be subject to a daycare charge

  • A non-refundable deposit of 25% will be required for all overnight boarding bookings. You will receive an Invoice for the remainder of your balance a few days before your booking commences, which must be settled prior to your dogs arrival for boarding. There will be NO REFUNDS for cancelled bookings or early returns once your dog has arrived and your booking has commenced.

  • Dogs must be at least 1 year of age to attend Daycare or Boarding as our long, active walks are too much for young puppies

  • We regret that we are unable to accept un-neutered males due to past issues with scent marking and pestering behaviour. We are also unable to accept a female when in season. 

  • Any Dog showing signs of anti-social behaviour (Excessive Barking, Pestering, Aggression) may be separated from other dogs and requested to be collected as soon as possible

  • Our boarding fees do not include food, so please provide plenty to last for your dogs entire booking. If their food runs out during their stay, we will purchase extra and Invoice you upon your return

  • We provide treats for recall on walks and pre-bedtime treats, however, if your dog has special dietary or additional requirements you will need to bring their own

  • We provide plenty of sofa’s and beds to make your dog comfortable but you are welcome to provide your dogs own bed if you wish to do so

  • We use our own leads, bowls and poo bags, so there’s no need to supply these

  • If your dog requires grooming during their stay, you must provide the necessary grooming tools (brushes, combs, toothbrush etc)